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What holds you back?

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I've done counseling before and it didn't work.

Why should I try you?


Dr. Fischer is certified to administer and interpret the proven A.P.S. Assessment (Arno Profile System), which gives a wealth of insight into how a person interprets the world, how they tend to feel about events, and how they tend to react. This unique scientific tool unlocks the mystery of interpersonal relationships, and helps the counselee to achieve understanding of themselves and their loved ones. Scientific research has shown that the use of this tool accelerates counseling by 7 sessions, so results come quickly.



I've never done counseling before.

What should I expect?


- To finally experience what it feels like to have someone listen to you...

without interruption!


- To gain insights that you have never known before...

both about yourself and others.


- To learn new tools that you never knew existed.


- To see other people in a much more loving light.


- To feel and express love, and to receive love as well.


- To discover what it is like to have your innermost needs met.  



I'm a guy. Guys don't do counseling!


I'm a guy too, and really understand the pressures. Don't worry, I will approach you as a guy and your situation will be fully understood.



What will this cost me?


We use a sliding scale that makes it affordable for everyone. Money should not prevent you from getting the help that you seek. Download our Confidential Client Information Form for details. (Resources Tab)



My spouse won't agree to come. What should I do?


This is the classic question! All counseling is first individual, and then joint. The health of a marriage will never exceed that of the least healthy partner. You start counseling, then we will onboard your spouse (as an individual person) and then later we will examine the relationship dynamics from a new and healthy perspective that you haven't considered before.

The classic mistake is to wait until they are ready before you start. Avoid this trap.



What types of relationships can you help me with?


- Marriage; the most important relationship imaginable!

- Premarital counseling. "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!"

- Dating relationship. This does NOT require the participation of your partner.

- Children... what could be a higher priority?

- Career Counseling. We specialize in helping individuals to thrive in the workplace and/or win their dream job. Let us review your resume and your job hunting strategies.

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