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What husbands can learn from Mayweather about fighting with their wives

What husbands can learn from Floyd Mayweather about fighting with their wives.

Last nights fight between the undefeated boxer Mayweather and the flamboyant MMA fighter McGregor was fantastic! The purse could be measured in fractions of a billion dollars, and the promotion made it irresistible to watch. Leading up to the fight, McGregor would say and do outrageous things that would make the news, each more provocative than the last. For example, Mayweather’s wife cheated on him with a particular famous athlete, so McGregor showed up to a press conference wearing that athlete’s jersey. Clearly the effort was to shake up Mayweather and make him emotional.

The fight went by boxing rules, so was scheduled for 12 three-minute rounds; 36 minutes’ total. MMA fights are scheduled with 5 five-minute rounds, or 25 minutes total.

The first 6 rounds I was cheering for Mayweather to ‘knock him out!’, but it seemed that he was off his game. It appeared that he was fighting far below his potential, while McGregor was quite aggressive. At some point, it dawned on me that Mayweather had a strategy. By round 9, or 27 minutes, McGregor was starting to show strong signs of fatigue, and Mayweather began to get some really effective strikes on him. One round later, McGregor didn’t have the strength to keep his hands up and Mayweather could strike at will. At this point, the ref stopped the fight.

In the post-fight interview, Mayweather revealed that his strategy was simply to outlast McGregor, and it worked. When McGregor was interviewed, he seemed to marvel as he said “Mayweather never hit that hard, but he kept his composure.” He repeated the word “composure” at least 3 times.

Before the fight, McGregor did everything possible to shake Mayweather up, but Mayweather “kept his composure”.

Before the fight, their attitude was aggression. After the fight, they smiled and spoke together with deep respect and new found admiration.

Husbands, keep your composure and stay in the fight!

Ephesians 5 compares marriage with Jesus and the church. In this metaphor, Jesus is the groom and the church is the bride. Many think that Jesus acted like a pansy during his lifetime. He had the power to destroy His enemies, but all He seemed interested in doing was teaching and healing people. His own followers argued with Him about this, and the one that betrayed him to the Romans thought that this would provoke Him to fight. Everyone was yelling to Jesus “knock em out!”

But Jesus had a strategy.

Many believe that Jesus was quite passive the first time He came, but the next time He will be aggressive. The bible tells a different story in 1 John 3:8 where it says that “the Son of God came to destroy the devil’s work”. Jesus was on a mission of aggression, but the tactics used were misunderstood.

Husbands, fight hard for your marriage by staying toe to toe with your wife, while keeping your composure. Fight with love and endurance. Aggressively and calmly show love to her and eventually she will wear down.

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